We think the next big thing will be built in India.

We think the next big thing will be built in India.

And it will not be a copy of Amazon, Uber or Facebook.

We strive to pick the best entrepreneurs and the most audacious markets. We work hard to understand your plan, however cynical others might be. In their cynicism lies our opportunity.
Each partner at IndiaQuotient invests in 3 or 4 deals a year, regardless of the size. This ensures that each deal means the world to us.

Madhukar Sinha

Founding Partner
We struggle with jargons like frugality, culture, corporate governance in the board meetings. Which is why we do a lot of homework before meeting our founders.

Elizabeth Chapman

Investment Committee

Vaishak Prashanth


Hemant Agarwal


Anand Lunia

Founding Partner

Pankaj Dinodia

Chair, LPAC
We take pride in walking away from high momentum deals that may work for us only in the short term. This means we don’t care much about what the market is funding.

Aditi Sinha

Board meetings to go through numbers and targets? No, let's build something first!

Gagan Goyal

General Partner
India Quotient stands for discovering new themes, sectors and ideas. Our best research is done while leading the lives of a common Indian. We may not look like VCs.

Kanika Agarrwal


Sruthi Sundaram


Sahil Makkar