We empathize.

We empathize.

Sometimes founders need us to roll up our sleeves, and sometimes they just need space. Mostly we just cheerlead them to do better with what they are already good at.
We invest at paper stage with as much conviction as we have when you have a handful of customers. This has enabled many of our founders to skip the angel round. We have been doing the same thing for the last 14 years.

Life at India Quotient

Life at India Quotient

Bi-annual Offsites

Twice a year, we take 2 days off with our entire portfolio and select LPs.
Founders form teams to comment on strategies of other companies. The best advice, as they say, comes from your peers.

Regular Huddles

Every month or so we get together informally around some industry experts and discuss topics of interest over cocktails. Founders catch up, exchange war stories, and get inspired.

Our peer groups

We have an active peer group on WhatsApp where founders solve problems for each other and exchange knowledge and insights. If you can’t find the answer on Google, you will find it here.

Uninterrupted Engagement

We promise no ‘Board Meetings’. We help founders identify the right things to measure, and the right things to spend time on. We do our homework before meetings. Founders think of us as friends and mentors, not as ‘directors’.
The best advice comes from your peers
Inspire and get inspired
We do a lot of homework
If someone hasn’t answered it on Google